CALLAWAY COUNTY, MO. --Swashbucklers of all ages and sizes are gathering at a small fairground just outside of Kingdom City for the first annual Central Missouri Pirate Fest and Steampunk Sci-Fi Fest.

People in costume are clanging swords, eating fire and battling with Nerf guns during this 3-day event.

Event organizer Adam Boster said, “It’s a Steampunk Pirate Festival.  Steampunk is kind of a Victorian version of science fiction.  Imagine Jules Verne or Doc Brown from Back to the Future when he shows up in the steam-powered time machine locomotive.  That’s kind of a clearer, big definition of what Steampunk is.  You can take it in a lot of directions.  As you see here at the festival, there are a lot of different types of people in Steampunk that you’ll see.  That’s kind of cool.  It’s a whole new variety.  It’s a whole new subculture.” 

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